Bon Homme Yankton Electric

For over 70 years, Bon Homme Yankton Electric has been servicing over 3,800 consumer-members with a commitment to safely delivering energy to their customers. They sought an innovative, creative solution that could house all safety related reporting in one place and found Pneuko PowerWorx. Homme was able to use PowerWorx to further reinforce a culture of safety within the co-op by providing linemen with easily accessible safety reporting through digital job briefings, accident reporting, and inspection forms.

Heightened Safety Awareness

The Material/Facilities Coordinator, Aaron Melichar, stated:

“Everyone is more aware of safety now because it is more accessible now to fill out the right forms. If someone gets hurt or something gets damaged, there is a [reporting tool] for that.”

Easily Accessible Information

Another key advantage for the co-op since adopting PowerWorx is the availability of safety data. With PowerWorx, Bon Homme stakeholders are automatically notified of critical inspection and safety information. The data the PowerWorx collects can be easily analyzed to inform business decisions and improve processes in the future.

General Manager, Stephanie Horst, stated that:

“Integrating the inspections for our equipment allows us to pinpoint what is or is not being inspected so that we can follow-up with employees. It will enable us to monitor issues with equipment. On the safety side, we have the reports of incidents at our fingertips to analyze and respond to problems making our safety stronger.”

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