Butte Electric Invests in Efficiency

Butte Electric in Western SD serves a landscape not only exposed to extreme weather conditions, but one that faces a multitude of connectivity challenges because of the vast area served. With over 63 miles of transmission lines, eight substations and 825 miles of distribution overhead, managing the inspections, measurements and safety for their field operations personnel is a priority.


Recognizing that their paper-based data logging systems were time-consuming and unreliable, Butte Electric adopted the Pneuko PowerWorx solution to fully digitize their critical safety, inspection, ticketing, and data measurement processes.

Butte's Digital Transformation

PowerWorx is a cloud-based solution which includes a mobile app capable of operating both online and offline and back-office portal used to analyze and report on crucial field inspection and job process data. Using PowerWorx, Butte Electric now has the capability to quickly capture field data, view equipment and other field inspection history, analyze trends, manage tasks and tickets and ultimately make operational decisions that previously would have been difficult, time-consuming or nearly impossible.

New Sight & Efficiency

As stated by Butte Electric’s Chief Financial Officer, Darick Eisenbraun:

“PowerWorx has allowed us to be able to accumulate the data from our different inspection forms to track what is currently broken, what breaks most often, and what types of equipment we might need more normal maintenance and attention than others.”

“We now have the ability to track what is going on in the field from our desktops in the office through the PowerWorx Portal. This allows us to keep better track of our crews and the types of work that they are doing on any given day.“

PowerWorx has allowed Butte Electric to eliminate the cumbersome paper-based forms formerly utilized in the field. Digitizing these processes and removing paper was imperative for Butte Electric to begin transforming their business to become more agile, more efficient, and more resilient.

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