Optimize Electrical Co-op Operations

Modernize field operation data capture and workflows to ensure a safer, compliant and more effective Co-op.

Pneuko PowerWorx is an industry-specific solution tailored to the needs of individual Electrical Co-Ops, with a wide range of pre-built and customizable forms and workflows that will help Co-ops digitize operational procedures to ensure compliance with and alignment to co-op policies.

Co-ops using PowerWorx can digitize their inspections, job briefings and other field operations, and automatically create associated job and task assignments and notifications without the requirement for significant IT overhead. Use PowerWorx to review efficacy, compliance and efficiencies across the co-op’s field operations and leverage that data to make better decisions.

Whether digitizing substation maintenance or an accident investigation, PowerWorx will deliver the capabilities to help capture operational data while ensuring your co-op is in compliance with existing policies and procedures.

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Safety is More than Electronic Forms

Capturing digital inspection and other field data is only one part of making your Co-op safe. Digitizing the associated operational workflows (notifications, routing, reviews and sign-offs) to ensure compliance with the associated safety policies and laws is just as crucial!

Butte Electric Solves Digitization

Butte Electric in Western SD had a problem. Butte’s paper-based system for managing its field operations had become unreliable, time consuming and severely outdated. Butte recognized that digitizing its field operations was the only way forward.

Butte knew that co-ops were attempting to digitize their field operations, but many of the approaches that their peers were taking utilized generic form building solutions which often lead to more work for internal IT departments as they were required to construct a patchwork of functions that required a high degree of technical skills.

Using PowerWorx, the solution specifically built for Electrical Co-ops, Butte Electric now quickly captures field data, manages equipment and other field inspection history, analyzes trends, manage tasks and tickets and ultimately make operational decisions that previously would have been difficult, risky, time-consuming or nearly impossible.

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PowerWorx is a much easier and far more accurate way of collecting inspection, form and safety data than we have ever had in the past.

Brett Fosheim
Butte Electric Cooperative

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